Towards Mt. Fuji

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Aoi’s sleepover is sandwiched between two parallel dreams. In her first, her best friend, Hinata abandons her in order to become more popular, reflecting her insecurities and her own personal desires.

However, her second dream is more reflective of the reality. The one who wants to be popular is Aoi. Her best friend, is pretty nonchalant about it, and in general kind of an easygoing slacker. In her dream, Aoi is literally carrying her friend on the road to be popular.

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Friendships Above Replacement

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While GochiUsa first introduces the transfer student Cocoa to its audiences, at its center is the girl with the, uh, “bunny” on her head, Chino. Surrounding her is an eclectic mix of characters – but not particularly eclectic in personality, but of place and circumstance. To say that their friendships transcend those differences would give too much credit to those differences. Rather, for those five girls, the distance between them is trivial.

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The Goodbyes We Say For Ourselves


Stories like to keep casts together. Relationship dynamics are built up and easy to repeat. And when the forces that be create a rift between characters, they stay close to each other no matter how painful that may be.

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Cure Lovely’s Image of the Invincible

Tinfoil hat: on.


“Terribads are invading this town, too. But we’re gonna be fine! Precure will surely appear like a blast! They’ll take them out with a huge bang! …After all, Precure are invincible!

Megumi Aino, HappinessCharge Precure Episode 1

When Megumi Aino is first introduced, she is literally singing the praises of the PreCure. They are strong, they never lose, and they’re invincible. Megumi herself adores the grand. Two hundred yen becomes 20,000. Mao-chan became 200% more cute. Happiness is distributed in large servings. Her excitement is punctuated with onomatopoeia. These are all things she desires to be.

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Nursery Rhyme and Punishment

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An addendum.

Through Natasha, World Conquest Zvezda Plot provides conflicting ideas of childhood. But to the world around her, all of them are bad. When she was little, she did not believe in fairies or magic – they were unscientific. Yet, her imagination and creativity were wild, matched with an incredible brilliance. She built robots, various toys – and that’s what she loved – and that’s what scared others away. And for this, according to the world, she was wrong.

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The Eichi of Innocence


Pictured: Technically villains.

The silliness of Kate Hoshimiya is not really lost on anyone. A little girl leads an evil organization of a few, followers of all ages, and pretty significant power as well. And she wears a silly revealing costume when she becomes “Venera the Great.” Through Asuta’s tsukkomi, the internals of the Zvezda organization is revealed to be an elaborate way of playing house. While World Conquest Zvezda Plot juxtaposes Kate’s innocent values upon an evil organization, the result is not a simple irony that evil is actually good. Zvezda is Kate’s cry to the selfish idealism taught to children in the face of the bitterness of the real world.

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